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Legal issues involving your family or your children can be emotionally draining. When such matters arise, it is important to discuss your options with an experienced family law attorney who can resolve your case as quickly as possible while shielding your family from unnecessary stress. Mike Aaron provides personalized attention and reliable guidance in a wide range of family law areas.

  • Divorce. The dissolution of a marriage is a complex legal process that demands careful and considered representation. Mike offers the comprehensive support you need to address each aspect of your divorce and help you move forward.

  • Child custody and visitation. Few legal issues are as emotionally charged as those relating to the custody of children. Wading through the legal aspects of child custody disputes is difficult for many reasons, including the emotions involved and the complexities of state laws. Mike can offer the detailed and compassionate guidance you need to understand your custody and visitation rights and pursue resolutions that protect you and your children.

  • Child support. Louisiana state guidelines largely determine who must make child support payments and how much they must pay. There are unique situations, however, that may fall outside of state guidelines, so it is important to have a skilled and caring attorney who understand how the guidelines apply to your case. Mike will work closely with you to address any factors that may need special attention from the court.

  • Child support modification and enforcement. Modifying or enforcing a standing child support order often requires the assistance of a family law judge. Whether you need to modify a support order following a change in income, or must take action to prompt your former spouse to make payments, Mike take great care to pursue favorable outcomes.

Family Law


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